BE true to yourself and your purpose for being here!

If you're NOT GREAT…you're just being AVERAGE! And who wants to be just average?

(Be the GREATEST ME you can be. In all things be your greatest me)

Dear Friend,

In the minds of some world leaders (which I will get to in a moment) America is...NO LONGER GREAT!

Once upon a time, in a yesterday not too far from today, only a few decades ago in the minds of its people America was the land of opportunity. SHE was the land of greatness...but not so much anymore!

Adrian Rodgers my mother's brother best friend the past president of the Southern Baptist Convention once said, and It is so appro...

"You can not multiply wealth by dividing it!"

We've somehow diminished ourselves to settle for something less than great.

It's like the real estate salesman Who's trying to lock you into the HOME OF LESS your DREAMS – way over your wants, desires, and price – "Sure, the kid's bedroom is small...but look at your master bedroom.

The kids can settle for something less than great...

After, the kids are gone in a few short can knock down their bedroom – have yourself a man cave and a woman's nest. But you know...after the kids are gone. You will downsize (especially if it has stairs) and sell the house.

Cause you will NOT BE the same anymore.

As we get older we ain't as good as we once was...and that's a cold hard fact; As Toby Keith Country music and Songwriter of the Past Decade crooned about.

But do we have to settle for something less than great?

In all things, we should strive to be great. To be the best we can be.

Samurai warrior back in the 12th century - the greatest killing machine the empire ever knewn. What you may not know...he was the greatest Painter, Poet, and Philosopher he could possibly be.

What are the steps to attain greatness you ask?

Keith Richard once met BB King. BB asked Keith what he wanted to become as a guitar player. Keith replies he wanted to be great. BB replied to get to greatness you just be consistently good.

And if you get to good every will be great!

Back then; Rock in Rollers had to put out a quota of Sex, Drugs and then play Rock and Roll. Some, if not all nights they show up on stage with Drugs in their pockets and a Jack Daniels in their hand.

They drank alone with nobody else...after the concert no sex...just drugs, bottle, and a pipe. And some had a needle and a spoon.

So BB King was saying to Keith; you can't be great until you are good. And you're not good...stoned out of your mind---playing for the Rolling Stones.

“To be great, be great in all your parts, your physical, mental, emotional and spiritual self. Be fit in all area/parts of your life. Be fit and alert focused on the task at hand. Not distracted by/with something/someone else...”

-Wyckoff Trader
Professional Trader
Newsletter Editor, The AM Turn

But before I go any further, let me introduce myself...

My Name is Wyckoff Trader...

Wyckoff Trader, Author

I'm a professional trader, newsletter author, and copywriter. I trade the E-Mini Futures and write an intraday market timing newsletter called, THE AM TURN. I'm a vegan and yes I was a Virgin on my 16th birthday but I did not go to Yale or even Harvard. I went to Union University.

Make no mistake. If I am nothing I am the composite experiences of all books I've read and the folks I've met. Their hopes, fears, dreams, and sorrows. I am not saying I am great or even a great trader. I am saying that I strive for greatness every day. It is estimated that there are less than 3,000 great ones. I am one of the greats.

Another Great Man you may well know...

John Elway of the Denver Broncos

In his own words segment from the DVD The history of the Denver Broncos said:

“It was his self-imposed pressure that he answered to. Not the press. And certainly, not the fans. I do not care what the press says. I just want to be the greatest football quarterback the world has ever known.”

-John Elway
Two Time Superbowl Champion
Quarter Back, The Denver Broncos

Let's roll it back a few years. Donald Trump's rally cry/call to the troops. Let's make America Great Again!

His message resonates within hearts and minds of all the great folks/deplorables in this great nation. Today he is still on the path he set out just a few short years. He is resilient and does not care what others or his constituents think about or feel about him.

They laughed at him at the World Summit in the Sumer of 2018 when he talked about his accomplishments. He made their weakness his strength.

-Donald Trump
45th Presendent of United States of America
Commander and Chief, United States Armed Forces

Trump is a master of body language and personal empowerment. He channels and summons personal power with his hand gestures and body movements. Watch a video and you will see him place all the tips of his fingers together and create a powerful vortex in the center.

What burred me up to write may ask yourself?

September 25, 2018 – IMPRO CHAT

See the chat to your right?

Make no mistake. I'm indeginess to this land. I was born here and raised here. I love this country and the folks in it. It was on September 25 in the IMPRO chat that I saw that.

In my Intraday E-Mini newsletter The AM Turn, I had a column called "Trump's Slippery Sloap". I've been collecting the opposition's war against and Trumps defence for his objectives. It was a push and tug. Alot like the market.

What set me off was the green words; "regular people, the people who vote". I knew he was talking about the deplorables. Not the folks on TV. I don't take sides. But I do see an unfair fight...

It's like when the market is bantied about between two levels durring the SLOG time. Best not to get cought up in the back wash. We call it "Water in the bathtub in the IMRPO chat.

But I do take exception when someone north of New York City tells me I deliberately droped the brass ring. I may have droped it a time or two in my life. But I guarentee you, it was NOT ON PURPOSE!


  • You lose the internal battle with yourself - take your self-confidence. If you are not the greatest you can be you will always second guess yourself.

    For example, let's say your hearing is NOT GREAT. In fact, it is not good at all. Your comprehension is less than fifty percent. You will always second guess yourself. Lacking the FULL FAITH AND CONFIDENCE in your abilities.

  • Opportunity costs - You may even avoid crowds and social gatherings. That's what it's like when you lose the internal battle. You make up excuses why you are not the best you can be. It's the economy, the Algos, my age. In reality, it's none of those things it's you.
  • You live in a world of delusion, not your illusion - You create your world from the inside out. Not the outside in. All great minds know that...

Take Toney the tiger. He was not just good he was "There GREAT!" Of course, he was talking about cereal. I loved Toney the tiger so much that I painted my bedroom in 1976 the blue on the box. And in 2018 that color was so stood the test of time! I remember right after my dad painted my room Pantone 144 I took my little feet (which was in my little footie pajamas) and marked up the wall...

That’s Because I Have Something Most “Experts” Don’t…

Yes, I can see that right now in my mind's eye; cause I have a great mind. In fact, it's an idiotic mind. And frankly, I don't understand why other folks don't!

No, this is not about how to have a good got Sri and Alexus and Hay Google (smart toys for dumb minds) for that. But how to discover the tools of greatness within.

On my 58th birthday, my sister and her husband gave me a subscription to the master class series by chief Thomas Keller. I felt' I needed to up my game on how I cook. Now, you don't know this but I'm a really good cook. In fact, when it' comes to cooking vegetables I'm not only good. I'm the greatest I can find. I know, cause I'm always on the outlook for the best cooks that I can up my game.

I cooked my mother who I'm a caretaker for a perfect vegan meal (she's a vegan also). And I asked her; "Well how is it?" She says; "it's good" My reply was; "Good, I don't want to cook just a good meal. I want to cook great meals!"

And then I thought about why I said that? I want all my meals to be great...

I have the confidence, I can cook a great meal cause I have the best knowledge to cook a meal. And I have the best pots and pans (I use All-clad copper bottoms). And I source the best fresh wholesome/healthy ingredients. And I completely control the outcome with NO outside variable interference.

I can't help but be great. To be the best cook I can be. To see me in the kitchen is a work of art. A pinch of this and shake of that. Me, don't' need no stinking recipe!

I'm a great cook who cooks great meals because I know how to cook and have the confidence to cook.

Then it dawned upon me...

Acquiring and then mastering the Knowledge, Skills, and Tools will give you the confidence to become great at any task at hand.

That was the moment the rabbit hole opened and I started to question myself and my life purpose.

Why do I care to be a great cook, when I really don't care to be good at anything else?

I can sing. And play the guitar. Music comes naturally to me. I'm self-taught. I can just hear the note and hit in on the piano or guitar. And my dreams...forget about it!

I'm a good trader but not a great trader? Why is that? My Asian friend had a conversation with me one day. We talked for about four hours. He said he could see me being a great guitar player and a great singer and a great songwriter.

Then he said; I've given you the spirit of's up to you...what you do with it?

That puzzled me. For I've been researching the will, focus, and intention which equals desire. When I first read The Silva Mind Control Method by Jose Silva I wrote the saying when I was 17 years old; "Tallent without desire is meaningless" Which of course I was referring to me. My talent was natural which I took it for granted.

It's like's wasted on the young!

I can give you the spirit of greatness; but I can NOT give you the will. And you CAN lose your life---when you lose your will. Your life will just self-terminate and your spirit will leave the body on to the next episode.

Matthew McConaughey – Actor, Producer

One of the best modern day examples of greatness is Mathew Machanny acceptance speech winning the Oscar® for Best Actor for his performance in "Dallas Buyers Club" at the 86th Oscars® in 2014.

Not that Mathew is a great actor but Mathew Machanny strives to be the best, to be great every day.

When Matthew was 21 a man says to him; "Kid who are you chasing?" After a few days of introspection, Mathew says; "I'm chasing my future self! Every day I try to be that person. In every way, I strive to be that man!"

So, who are you chasing today?


Being consistently good. The good, The bad and the indifferent. In all things AND at all times...

CONSISTENCY GOOD. Like BB King said; "Once the album is cut just show up and play it like you recorded it...the same way... every day."

What are the benefits of being great?


What’s in it for you…

  • You lose the fear/guilt/anger. What you should have done. The Homer Simpson feeling "Doup!"
    When you are being the best you can be---you are in a position of power. You are fearless and not fearful due to lack of information.
    I remember Tom Cruise and Oprah Winfrey (the interview after he jumped on her couch) In Tom's home Oprah asked him; "When did you know you could make movies?"
    Tom replies; "I became fearless once I made Risky Business. At that time I was being the best I could be and I still am the best I can be."
  • You no longer procrastinate. You have all the information you need. You know at that point in time you can act. Cause you are the greatest you can be. You lack nothing.
  • You lose your anger. Anger = missing information. And anger = fear. You fear what you do not know. You are inadequate to make the best decision.
    Fear is the root of anger. By striving to be great. Not that you will be great in all your endeavors you reach greatness. It's the struggle that makes one great.

When you vibrate with love, you love what you do and your inside creates your outside. When you vibrate with fear, you hate what you do and your outside creates your inside. It's really that simple. You create your world from the inside out. But live it from the outside in.
Be great. In all things, be great!

"Think with your heart...feel with your mind..." this is my motto.

Heart is where intuition and knowledge lies. The heart is timeless. There is no limitation of time. The heart has intuition. It can see/feel the past, present moment and future moments of time.

Mind only has access to the moment that just passed. What is the temperature? What did you see? It's sensory information. Ego says; "I can do that". It was not designed for that. We have something far greater. And far superior to our mind and that is access to the future and see the past. Using your heart, feel...let it speak to you. Put yourself out of the equation. There is a fine line between self-awareness and ego.


My favoriate quote from Casino Royale (2006) between James Bond and M says it all:

“M: I knew it was too early to promote you.

Bond: Well, I understand double-O's have a very short life expectancy so your mistake will be short-lived.

M: Bond... this may be too much for a blunt instrument to understand, but arrogance and self-awareness seldom go hand-in-hand.

Bond: So you want me to be half monk, half hitman?

M: Any thug can kill. I want you to take your ego out of the equation, and to judge the situation dispassionately. I have to know I can trust you, and that you know who to trust... and since I don't know that, I need you out of my sight. Go stick your head in the sand somewhere and think about your future, because these bastards want your head...and I'm seriously considering feeding you to them…”

Think about your future? Are you a monk or a hitman? What did you come here to do? Are you getting it done? Whether you know it or like it. I can GUARANTEE YOU WITH 100 PERCENT CERENTAIETLY YOU WILL FIGURE IT OUT!

Whether it is 21 days, 21 hours or 21 minutes...

Before your body self-terminates and you get on to the other side (wherever that is for you) you will know. The shock of dying (it's just a small push through) is not the death. But the knowingness of why/what your true life purpose/mission was! Why are you here? What did you come here to do? Have you gotten it done?

It’s a timeless truth, yet most people foolishly ignore it.

But when you accept the truth... you’ll recognize that what’s about to occur shouldn’t be something to fear… but an opportunity for you to radically change your future in record time!

And don’t just take my word for it…

Congradulations you've made it almost to the end...

In the past thirteen minutes you've seen "Great Thoughts from Great Minds". Minds that were given to us to help futher humaniety. I've seen and spoken to a lot of humans on this plannet. I'd guess 100,000 or more. I love people. Red, yellow, black and white. From a bigger perspective we are all just one race. If you consider the linguistic patterns and not the syntax.

I'd love to talk to you about it some time. But now, is NOT THE TIME.

In summary to become one of the great ones

  • Show up, play the game every day.
  • Be physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually fit.
  • To be great you first have to be good and then be consistently good.
  • Become fearless, focus on your strength, not your weakness.
  • Love what you do and do what you love.

and you will find greatness!

“Be not afraid of greatness. Some are born great, some achieve greatness, and others have greatness thrust upon them”

-William Shakespeare
Two Time Superbowl Champion
Quarter Back, The Denver Broncos

"Keep away from people who try to belittle your ambitions. Small people always do that, but the really great make you feel that you, too, can become great.”

-Mark Twain
Two Time Superbowl Champion
Quarter Back, The Denver Broncos

“Great spirits have always encountered violent opposition from mediocre minds.”

-Albert Einstein
Two Time Superbowl Champion
Quarter Back, The Denver Broncos

“Is it so bad, then, to be misunderstood? Pythagoras was misunderstood, and Socrates, and Jesus, and Luther, and Copernicus, and Galileo, and Newton, and every pure and wise spirit that ever took flesh. To be great is to be misunderstood.”

-Ralph Waldo Emerson
Two Time Superbowl Champion
Quarter Back, The Denver Broncos

“Always be a first rate version of yourself and not a second rate version of someone else.”

-Judy Garland
Two Time Superbowl Champion
Quarter Back, The Denver Broncos

It is my hope to inspire you to become a great one. To be the greatest me you can be. To words come easy to me. I just put my fingers on the keyboard and and let it flow. I'm just a conduit. The connector.

I type about 180 words per it flows pretty fast and easy.

I've shared with you a collection of words that were given to me over the years. Some came from me, some came to me...most were given to me from something greater than me.

Now, if I was doing a copy job - this is the part where I'd be rolling out the bonuses.

So, here they are. This is my offer to you...

And just to make this offer even better, I’d like to give you a few special bonuses if you stay with me till the end. I've got a special bonus just for you..."Don't take a gun to a fist fight" don't want to miss it!

Wall of Greatness: Those who loved and lived and gone over to the other side

I don't want this to be just about me.

I want this to be about you. Share with me your story. I'm looking for ordinary folks who have lived and left great lives. Greatness is in the eye of the beholder. If you had great ancestory or grandparents or parents who lived great lives - let us know. And I will add them to the wall of greatness

YES! Add my Tribe
to the Wall of Greatness


Wall of Greatness: Those who are still living and true to thier purpose for being here

If you or someone you know are connected to your propose for being here...and you inspire greatness in others around you. Let's us know. Send us a picture and a story. If you have a story to tell, let us help you tell it.

I plan to get the walls up in the first quarter of next year. That's 2019 marker. I'm sure Trump won't have his up...


Despite that, the reality is, it’s very likely the next big thing!

Now, it’s no mystery to anyone who knows about boxing - Muhammed Ali may just be the greatest boxer that ever lived. Of course we have Jack Dimpsey and some others. Muhammed Ali was a self proclamined great.

My father loved to watch him in our Magahoney box black and white TV. I can hear Howard Cosel now...

Surly you know someone. Don't worry about the writing. Together we can make it great. Just drop us an email with a picture and a note. I'll take it from there.

As Tom Cruse told Cuba Jr Gooding in that hit movie Jerry Mugyer; "Help me...Help YOU". Just click the link below.

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It's no secret. I love to cook and I'm a really great cook. And I'm a Vegan. I went total V...

If it's not living...I don't eat it. I only eat life. If you eat death you become death. If you eat life you become life.

Yes, my father was a pastor and folks thought I shoud have been one too. I thought I'd be too good at it! It was just not my calling.

But I do have a ChurchOfVegan website where I channel an old Southern Baptist preacher as he would preach the virtuies of being a Veagn.

Come to the ChurchOfVegan all sinners welcome. Caranavores and Vegetarians alike.

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May peace be upon you,


Wyckoff Trader, Editor The AM Turn


P.S. Be happy at all times. Today there are very few happy people.

When you are happy...folks/others will gravitate to you. When you smile; you make me smile.

All the lonely people, where do they all come from Eleanor Rigby. Great songwriting team of 1964 Lennon-McCartney who wrote over 300 songs from Liverpool.

Don't Bring a Gun to a Fist Fight...

I knew a kid who grew up on the streets of Dallas Texas. You know that part. The part of town where they throw/hang their shoes over the electrical wires where someone gets shot down...

He said he was walking home and a durgie pulled out a gun and said; "give me your money". The young man replies; "I don't' got no money!" The druggie said; "Yea you give it!"

My street savvy young friend simply reached up grabbed the gun. Crushed the druggies hand holding the gun and the twisted it down to the a clockwise motion. And then took his right hand and knocked him square on the side of his left jaw! Knocking him out cold. Flat out cold-cocked him. A knock out punch!

He took out the bullets and left the druggie with the gun and no money!

See, the young man possessed confidence because he had:

  • Knowledge (how to use a knife and fight with his fists)
  • Skills (he'd been fighting on the streets for survival since he was fourteen years old)
  • Tools (hands and fists were his weapons of choice)

to reach up and take that gun out of that druggies hand and knock him out cold because he knew how to fight as a great street fighter fights. That' why you need to strive in all things be great. Your life may depend upon it!

“I challenge you. Pick one area of your life you desire to be great in. A lot of folks are just going around in a daze. Just lullie about day after day. Just going down, down, down. Don't be that person.
Be Great in all things you great! The synergetic effect is the sum of the whole is greater than the sum of its individual parts. In all your parts. Be great. Your whole will thank you and so will your path to profit and prosperity and P&L if you trade.”

-Wyckoff Trader
Professional Trader
Newsletter Editor, The AM Turn

Now, as a trader, we don't get killed but we can/do kill our P&L due to lack of greatness when we are not trading as a great trader trades. Price is talking but we are not listening or don't know how. That how we pay for our trading education.

One great trader Jessie Livermore said in an interview. When asked if he was a great trader...

The market teaches me a new lesson every day. Every day I strive for greatness. I am always chasing my future self. I learn a new lesson every day.

Often, as the man/woman in the seat getting ready to click the mouse perhaps today you have thought:

  • I sure hope they hold the bid/offer?
  • These are not my father's markets...I don't have a chance against those ALGOS?
  • I just don't believe or have faith in my system/levels have relevance anymore...
  • I'm just not thinking ahead of the game. What are the odds/probabilities?
  • I'm just not actively present when I trade at all times during the day.

These reasons and many others will keep you from being great. However, there is hope.

Another great trader was Richard D. Wyckoff who lived by an enlighted code of principles and procedures.

I can give you the knowledge and the tools. It's up to you to use them so that you can develop the skills. So you remove your self-imposed obstacles preventing you from becoming truly great. Click away you will lose the chance of a lifetime to learn skills that make most successful traders truly great.

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